The Schools

Each school operates under an agreed plan to ensure that the children are being appropriately educated to meet the ultimate objective of transfer to the government schools. Monthly school committee meetings attended by Building Wood Workers’ International co-ordinators, local representatives and teachers ensure that the school management plans are implemented. Additionally, TYTW have reviewed the operation of the project in India annually in recent years.

The size of the problem of child labour in India can be overwhelming but from little things big things can grow. While the Indian government is taking some action to address the issue, more needs to be done. By funding the construction of permanent buildings for TYTW schools projects and ensuring the children are being cared for and taught the state school curriculum, the project aims to facilitate government funding of the schools. The permanency and professionalism of the schools is key to this aim for two reasons, first it demonstrates to the parents of the children that the project has longevity and second it enhances the prospect of government recognition and funding of the schools.