About Us

Too Young To Work (TYTW) is a project of the Child Labour Schools Company Limited – Indian Child Labour Overseas Aid Fund (ABN 68 093 124 513) (CLSC), a registered Australian charity that aims to assist in the elimination of child labour jump4loves.com/russian-mail-order-bride/ in India through the provision of education. TYTW currently supports three schools in India and is part of a broader network of 14 child labour schools supported by European non-government organisations (NGO) in the same regions. Approximately 2,500 child labourers are in attendance at these 14 schools.

The key objectives of the project are to establish self-sustainability through a combination of community involvement and financial contribution and government recognition and funding.

TYTW projects have supported the development of three schools in high-risk areas in India since 1997. The schools project was initiated by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in co-operation with Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) under the ILO’s ‘International Program for the Elimination of Child Labour’ (IPEC).

These schools aim to provide a viable alternative to child labour to parents, children and their communities.

From a small one-year pilot that initially targeted construction related industries, particularly brick making, in three semi-remote areas, the project has grown from strength to strength.

Since its humble beginnings, the three schools supported by TYTW have successfully transferred more than 600 boys and girls to the government school system.

The charity in Australia is managed by a board of volunteer directors who have a broad skill set and share a passion for the elimination of child labour.

Every dollar raised is applied to the building and initial operation of schools for child labourers in India.

Too Young To Work aims to assist in the elimination of child labour through the provision of education. Over 2,500 child labourers currently attend these schools and since inception over 11,000 children have attended these schools and been spared the horror of child labour.